Our Story

In March of 2004 James Hinchliffe lost his battle against the debilitating and progressive disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), best known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The disease had cruelly damaged his nerve cells and caused a slow, frustrating, unstoppable loss of muscle movement over five years. Jim, his wife Debbie, and their two young boys Matt and Dillon did all they could to pull together and enjoy their time together during those difficult years. Family and friends stood by, giving support when possible and sadly watching this young family living under ever more difficult circumstances.

Fast forward to the present. Jim’s family has weathered the many trials that a family does after such an experience and loss. Jim’s sons want to honor their dad’s memory in a way that might help other victims of ALS and their families. With help from a proud family, they put on the James P. Hinchliffe 5K Run/Walk for ALS. The event is held on Thanksgiving Day, a day of family celebration, in Glens Falls. All proceeds are donated to The ALS Association Upstate New York Chapter.

Donations from 2011 - 2018 have totaled $93,200!


Meet the James P. Hinchliffe 5K Run/Walk Team: 

Michael & Dannica Campbell
Mike, Deb, Sophia & Isabella Greco
Rodney & Priya Greene
Paul & Vicky Greene
Rod & Gloria Hill
Valerie Hill
Deb Hinchliffe
Dillon Hinchliffe
James T. Hinchliffe
Matt Hinchliffe & Kristen Kukan
David & Theresa Pratt